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Jan 06,  · Pongal Festival: (Short Essay) Pongal is one of the most popular and much celebrated festival of Tamil Nadu. Pongal Festival is the harvest festival of South India. The celebration lasts for 4 days and it falls in the mid of January every year. Pongal . Jan 14,  · Pongal Essay, Are you searching pongal esaay we provide you a nice collection of some short written Pongal essays. These essays have been contributed by our readers and will help you enhance your knowledge about the Tamil harvest festival of Pongal. If you also have any different and new idea about Pongal festival and its Read morePongal Essay- Pongal Short essay Thai Pongal is a harvest festival dedicated to the Sun God. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is usually celebrated from January 14 to January Thai Pongal corresponds to Makara Sankranthi, the harvest festival celebrated throughout urbaqlsa.tkations: Presenting Pongal to Hindu Sun .

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It is a reference to the rice dish pongal festival essay is customary prepared during the festival. A mix of rice, milk, pongal festival essay, jaggery, lentils, nuts etc is allowed to boil in an earthen pot till the contents get cooked and spilled outside the pot.

The dish is then served to family and friends. The custom of letting the dish spill over is to indicate abundance and is believed to bring prosperity. Young girls prayed for rain in hope of a good harvest and prosperity. For a month they refrained from consuming milk and milk products and also exercised caution to not to usher harsh words. There are also evidences to suggest land donations by Chola kings to temples as part of Pongal or Puthiyeedu celebrations.

It is believed that people started worshipping Indra, the God of rain and thunder. This instilled a sense of pride in him making him arrogant, pongal festival essay. Lord Krishna on sensing the arrogance of Indra, decided to teach him a lesson and started worshipping Mount Govardhan. This enraged Indra and he started pouring nonstop rain and thunder on earth. Now Krishna took the responsibility of protecting people and cattle by sheltering them under Mount Govardhan, balanced on his little finger for three days.

Shiva sends Nandi on earth with a message for pongal festival essay that they should eat once in a month and take oil bath daily. This carelessness by Nandi, angered Shiva and he cursed Nandi by ordering him to go back on earth and help the farmers in fields.

Every day has significance and a ritual associated with it. A description of all the four days celebrations and their respective names are given below. This year inBhogi will be celebrated on 14 th January. And it is on this day as per the blessings of Krishna, Lord Indra is worshipped.

There is pongal festival essay custom to discard old belongings and bring new ones. People usually burn their old house hold items in a fire, at dawn. The preparations of the festival begin on the day with chorus like — house cleaning, painting and decoration.

Farmers paint the horns of cattle — cows, buffalos and oxen. They also smear their ploughs with sandalwood paste and with these sacred tools they cut the new harvested rice.

The second day constitutes the main day of Pongal celebrations. Banana leaves are used for decorating houses and vehicles. Women of the house draw rangolis using rice flour. Farmers celebrate the efforts of their cattle in bringing prosperity, pongal festival essay, food and livelihood and thank them by bathing and decorating them. Termeric and kumkum are used to decorate the foreheads of cows, buffalos and ox also oil is applied to the cows.

Cooked rice, jaggery, boiled vegetables and fruits are left in open for the crows and other birds to feats. Many traditional games like Jallikkattu including cattle were being performed in villages, before Supreme Court of India banned it on 7 th Mayon pongal festival essay of the custom being cruel to animals. It is the last day of Pongal marking the end of festivities.

People visit their relatives and friends, pongal festival essay, presenting gifts and exchanging pleasantries. Married women are visited by their father or brother and pongal festival essay gifts.

Many companies or employers give gifts to their employees to honor their hard work and honesty, pongal festival essay. Pongal festival essay could be seen visiting parks and other places for picnic. From performing pujas to decorations to preparing a festive meal and picnicking there is something for every age group and preference. Burn your old belongings in the bonfire along with feelings of hatred, anger, vengeance and also your past bitter experiences with someone; if any.

Also resolve to be polite and gentle to everyone you meet. Gather banana leafs, guava leafs, flowers and other articles to decorate your house entrance, pongal festival essay, rooms etc. Make rangolis if you can or at least help your mother or sister in making it. It is a common sight to people cleaning their vehicles and decorating them with banana leafs and kumkum; go on a clean and decorate the car or bike you own. All the harvest, abundance and prosperity we owe to rains and Sun.

With no rains and Sun there would be no harvest and hence no prosperity. Not only the dish signifies a good harvest, but also the way it is cooked indicates prosperity and abundance. Gather all the necessities required pongal festival essay cook Pongal — rice, pongal festival essay, jaggery, lentils, cashew nuts, ground nuts etc and a fresh earthen pot, pongal festival essay.

It is a way to share your joy and also show your respect for others. It is a festival of harvest and also commemorates the farm cattle, so bathe your pongal festival essay and decorate it with color, kumkum and haldi as a mark of thanks giving. Also feed the animals and birds, pongal festival essay, the Pongal you cooked the day before and share the joy with them.

Pongal is a festival of joy and to thank other for their contribution; whether to sustain you like in the case of Sun and Indra or to helping you to grow — like your employees. Reward your employees or the people who help you with your house hold chorus.

Give them money and other gifts as a token of their contribution and help. Stay relaxed and enjoy the day with your family and friends, pongal festival essay. Go out visit some place or a park and just sit down chatting with people you care for. Abstain from getting over occupied with some work and just enjoy the moments of togetherness with near and dear ones and cherish the moment. The resolution was a persistent effort by Democratic Party Delegate — David Bulova and was to commemorate the Indian American community for economic, pongal festival essay, educational and other contributions.

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pongal festival essay


Essay on Pongal Festival ( words) Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu celebrated for four-days in the mid of January commencing from the last day of the Tamil month. The sun, earth and cattle are worshipped by farmers as people thanks them for giving a bounteous harvest. Jan 14,  · Pongal Essay, Are you searching pongal esaay we provide you a nice collection of some short written Pongal essays. These essays have been contributed by our readers and will help you enhance your knowledge about the Tamil harvest festival of Pongal. If you also have any different and new idea about Pongal festival and its Read morePongal Essay- Pongal Short essay “Pongal” is a four day long harvest festival celebrated in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is also celebrated in other parts of world with presence of Tamil Diaspora – Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, United States and Canada.